Anime for your home!

The world is full of fandoms whose passion extends well beyond the 30-minute life-altering experience that is their favorite anime show. There is nothing more frustrating than finishing that last after-credits scenes that contain moments from next week’s shows. Many fans rush to their computers to blast away at the keyboards and engage to discuss their favorite parts. Even better, though- instead of running to be alone together online, why not call up some like-minded individuals, get your snack on, and play your heart out in your favorite anime settings. Roll those dice get those points and omae wa mou shindeiru your opponents to victory. Here are just some popular options you can try. NANI!

Dragon Ball Z: The Board Game

Every article for Dragon Ball Z franchise has to start with the phrase, “It’s over 9000!”. Now with the bills to Vegita have been paid, the Dragon Ball Z Board game is a co-op game where the players get to step into the famous Z fighters’ shoes. Choices go from the titular Goku, Piccolo, and yes, even Yamcha. Players will be battling through the four main anime arcs, everything from the arrival of Raditz to the Majin Buu. Players will be able to customize and create their own personal match-ups.

Players will be using dice to resolve their Super Saiyan issues, cards, and miniatures will complete the board game as you zip, zap, and Kamehameha your way across the sagas to a final victory.

Players 1 – 4

Play Time 60 –120

Naruto Ninja Arena

Cause that’s my ninja way! Well, Naruto has come a long long way from when his creed became a reality. Take a step back in time and find yourself engaged in the Chunin exams. The titular characters have a chance to shine. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke take on frenzied, almost out-of-control combat, and they wind by knocking out, wounding but basically dealing damage to their opponents. So, get ready to do your best battle royal on.

The players will quickly find themselves engaged in fevered dice rolling. The results are applied to a technique that will help the player win. Have fun in this anime fever dream game.

Sailor Moon Crystal Trush or Bluff

This fun party game based on the classic anime Sailor Moon will have players deceiving and working misdirection all for the sake of victory. The players will keep each other guessing as you pass tiles to each other. Is the player speaking the truth or trying to bluff? Players should try not to be too obvious. This way, whoever collects the most tokens win. Be aware of the Dark Kingdom characters though, these villains are out to thwart your plans. The game ends when the player with the most significant number of win tokens is counted.

Players 3 – 8

Playtime: 20 – 40 min

ZU Tiles: Hime - Start Set 1, a Tile Placement Board Game

While not directly inspired by a particular anime. The gorgeous art style and fun combat system make this strategic tile game worth the investment. Players place tiles based on the Chinese zodiac; the idea here is to pick a creature and build a powerful personalized deck so that a player can outmaneuver their opponents. Points are gained by creating and linking patterns of the same square, and these are defended or taken with a short battle. First to 12-points win. Fun for the entire family and fast to learn.

Players 2

Playtime: 25 – 50

Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade Board Game

It’s time to blow this scene, get the stuff together, ok 3,2,1 Let’s Jam. If those words don’t immediately set your brain on fire with some of the most fantastic jazz ever played, then you need not only get this game but run to tv and get yourself into this show as a fan as you can; that said; this deck-building four-player game sees you take on the role of one of the famous Bebop characters. The idea is to show who is the most excellent bounty hunter by the end of the game. So go out there and accept bounties, capture criminals, gain reputation and strut your stuff. The deck-building mechanic sees the players manage resources for victory. The game comes to an end when Vicious es either captured or escaped.

See you out their Space Cowboy

Players: 1- 4

Playtime 30 – 40

Let us know if your favorite anime game is out there and you’re looking for it. We will make our best effort to hunt it down for you. The anime world is vast and wonderful, and we would love to find your particular flavor of anime. So, whether you stand and salute at the beginning of Attack on Titan or still long for your once favorite anime to come back in game form, just take the time and play together.