Five Games Featuring Giant Fragging Robots

One of the staples of anime and cinema fascinations giant robots have been part of pop culture since they first appeared in Atomic Power Android (原子力人造人間, Genshiryoku Jinzō Ningen) in 1948; while there might be other media that feature like in Superman or Action Comics who saw print in 1938, these robots lacked the gigantic scale that permeates the modern media. Since then, the constructs have seen polish poise and power. With names like Gundam, Robotech, Mazinger Z, Voltron, among others, become a household name that sparks the imagination of viewers and fans. Take these gigantic robots, play with them at home, invite friends, and face off against one another in enormous city-crushing battles.

Robotech: Brace for Impact

Easily the most famous franchise on this list, this Robotech game sees up to 15 players! The players take time to play a short, fast-paced game where they take on the role of a member on the bridge of the Zentraedi and prepare for the continuous assaults coming from enemy robots. Throwback into this 80-action robot cooperative scenario that will task the crew with reporting the ship’s state. Time is of the essence as players rush to repair and return fire. Can you and your team survive the intense 10-minute scenario? Can you save humanity?


Time: 10 min

Diesel Demolition Derby

The underground robot fighting scene has grown, and you as a player cannot wait to enter your engineering marvel and show the crowd who is the most outstanding engineer in the field. These quick arena matches see the constructs face off against one another in the field of combat. The fight takes several rounds to complete as the fighters take on the challenges to be the last one standing in the final round. Players select a card in private and place it face down in front of them each game. Then they reveal the card and check to resolve who has the advantage. Then the cars remain in play and are added to the players’ arsenal. The champ is declared when the first player wins three matches!

Players: 2 – 6

Playtime: 20-30 min


Not all robot games are based on gigantic city wrecking battles. This fun game sees the players try to work together to see how well they can develop a perception of speed and time. The idea is to see how far Robbi can travel in about 4 seconds. Place the cards on the table, set up the best route, and work together. This is a simple game more focused on young children in a puzzle-like environment. Great fun for parents looking for a fun, challenging game based on a great concept!

Players: 2-4

Playtime: 25 min.

Giant Killer Robots Urban Wasteland Expansion

Giant Killer Robots… do you need to know more? Is the title itself not enough to get your Mecha-loving blood pumping? Well, the future is here, and giant robot combat is the most advertise-driven, watched sports where super evil mega corporations compete for the dominance of the planet and earth’s desolated cities. The player will be piloting a gigantic robot called Heavy Hitter, with a small team of three drones that repair, support and scout. Face off against your friends and be the pilot that swims in galactic fame. This game is an expansion that will up the stakes and prizes to the first Giant Killer Robot game. Have fun getting your Evangelion on!

Players: 1-4

Playtime: 60 – 120 min


This fun, fast-paced competitive multiplayer game sees participants place bids on their favorite robotic constructions. Then players upgrade with fun components and robust activation codes that help players finish missions. The more tasks a player manages to spend, the more money he obtains, allowing him to purchase more powerful items that bring them closer and closer to victory. Players will have to cooperate and compete against each other to become the BetaBot champion worthy of entering Robotopia. Can you dig it!

Players: 3 – 6

Playtime: 30-60 min

Now go ahead, pick your game of choice, remember the whole point of facing off against each other in gigantic Mecha is to have fun while sitting together at a table. Share stories, partake in snacks, but no matter what, spend time with one another. Have fun together.