It's not that your paranoid, it's you not paranoid enough!

If you’re a fan of the spy thriller genre, you are in luck; tabletop games offer a whole slew of game options that allow you to get your secret agent to flare on. While not all of these options will feature laser watches, Walter PPKs, or whatever was your favorite double O gadget, what they do present are various escapist versions of what the secret agent actually does. Some games will feature the player collecting information for blackmail or stealing plans for advantage against evil organizations hell-bent on world domination. Make sure your karate chops to the neck are up to date, your mini camera is well concealed in your tie and that your boot blade is only slightly dipped in pufferfish poison. Have fun!

Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit

Are you ready to bluff, bind and dominate your way to a victory? This spy classic game from 1973 sees players subterfuge, convince and connive their way to success by moving spies that transfer the attaché, aka the briefcase amongst themselves. The person who wins is the person who best paid said spy… So good luck and a word to the wise… Trust no one.

Spy Master: Your Mission Awaits

Spying has become a private enterprise. As the player, you play the head of a spy organization; your clandestine agency has to gather intelligence files and use these to place your own agents across the world to accomplish exciting and dangerous adventures. As your crew traverses the globe, you will acquire powerful spy gear and info to take over your competition!

Plyers 2 – 6

Playtime: 30 – 60

Conspiracy: Abyss Universe

This spy thriller, set in the fantastical world of Abyss, sees players engage in a deck-themed battle of wits and subterfuge. The game is broken down into colors and numbers. Each player will build a reverse pyramid. The goal to make certain card combinations that will reveal more powerful cards. The game ends when a player finishes their pyramids. Then scores are tallied based on colors, and other factors help determine who has the highest score and who wins.

Players: 2- 4

Playtime: 30 minutes

Twilight Struggle

This latest edition of the game tries its best to capture the bygone era of the cold war. Once the second world war saw itself cool down, the cold war started between the USSR and the United States. Spies came and went, double agents, turned triple agents. The conflict was the inspiration for countless movies, books, and stories. The game recreates the struggle between the most powerful nations in the world. Move your troops and gain the power to ever so gently nudge allies and vie for complete control and become a superpower.

Players: 2

Playtime: 120 - 180

Vienna Connection

The CIA has gotten wind of nefarious activities being held y the Russian intelligence, and it is up to you and your friends to put a stop to the operations before it is too late. Set in 1977 during one of the most volatile times during the Cold War, the CIA sends the players to various places across Europe, including Vienna, Prague, and Berlin. Have fun cooperating with your friends; the spy game blends the feeling of journalism and spy life. Remember its last name first, then the first name last, twice.

Players: 1-5

Playtime: 90 – 120

Ninjas & Superspies

Are you ready for the single most extraordinary face-off since Spy vs. Spy? Well, get prepared as martial arts take on the edgy tech world of spy warfare. Call your best friends, call those family members you don’t really get along with; now draw the lines in the sand. Pick your side and gear up. Ninjas get various martial arts and deadly weapons; spies get tech gadgets and superior technology to take on the fatal warriors.

So, consult your tec guy, get permission from the government, or heck, go rogue; the point is the world of spycraft is ready and available for you and your friends to tackle. The main point is to get together and share in the hobby you love and at the same time pretend to save or dominate the world. Oh, just one more thing… Your license to kill has been revoked, agent.