Preorder Pass Q&A

Please read the information found here about the future of the Pokemon TCG Preorder Pass Program: This only impacts Preorder Passes for the Pokemon TCG. Other Preorder Passes will remain active at this time.

Is it guarantee that you will get to buy it?
No it’s not guarantee, pre-order pass by nature is a line up mechanism. we create a line based on date of purchase of the PP.

What is the order for which people will make their purchase?
We release the flood gate to buy when we actually get the item physically. So no more people committing money in full while waiting for PKM to ship! We will try to maintain some sense of order by releasing the floodgate by batches. You will get an email when it’s your term.

Will there be enough for everyone?
Hopefully? We over-ordered by A LOT. The reality is that PKM Co is short shipping EVERYONE. It’s hard to say, that’s why we only want to open for purchase when we physically get the units. The item will be blocked from all external buyers for until all the PP holders gets a shot at buying the item or when the item runs out

See product description. We committed to make it close to SRP as much as possible. There are two condition when price is not what is said:

  1. our supplier pull a shenanigan on us and jack up our cost last minute - this has happened! believe me!
  2. we sell through our primary wholesale batch, and by some miracle we found back up stock from our secondary supplier who will charge more.

In short, we price every thing based on the price we get the goods at.

What if we don’t get the goods, can we get a refund on the PP?
Sure, or you can also use that $5 GC on the next PP? We have new PP all the time. That should save you an email to ask for a refund.

Just curious when emails will be sent out for those who preordered for shining fates before 12/7? I get that emails will be sent out in batches, but what determines how many emails will be sent out to those who pre ordered by that date… is it like example: first x amount of people. And then after they make their purchases then group b will be notified? Or it is more along the sense of anybody who pre ordered before 12/7 will get an email first and it’s a first come first serve basis until product is out? Thanks sorry just a bit confused and I don’t want to miss my chance if I get sent the email and didn’t see it right away. Oh, sorry one more question… is there another way people who pre ordered can get the alert by other means besides email? Like a txt message to their phone as well? I don’t always constantly check my emails lol

Sold out in seconds, so sad. If your in a later group just add one and go straight to checkout.

What is the point of putting us in groups and asking how many we want when it’s going to sell out anyway? And then getting a copy and pasted email when i emailed about product availability. I thought the whole point of this preorder pass is so that everyone who paid for it early has access to the product by fronting some cost. I thought by filling out the form and limiting each purchase, everyone in each group had something to buy. This whole process was rather stupid to begin with if i can’t even purchase an item with a “preorder pass”. I would’ve rather paid the full price for a guaranteed item.
Very upset and i will be asking for a refund

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How many were you able to preorder? I got on the website and 9:20 and everything says sold out?

I thought the whole point of the pre orders was to limit sales per person so that everyone had a chance to buy if the pre order pass was purchased seems like you guys didnt plan this out correctly and your going to lose customers over it good thing i didnt pre order battle styles from you. last time i ever order anything on this site.

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I could not be more disappointed. I guess I do not understand the purpose of the preorder pass? Group 2 sold out within a second and there was only one type of product to purchase.

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Folks, there seems to be specific question on the SF PP Release Event. We are sorry to hear that some of the pass holder never got the chance to place their order today. We have written up the note to summarize what happened today: Shining Fates Pre-order Pass Order Period [All Sold Out]

So stupid, waste of time. Really Relied on on this to get my product. Time to hit stores praying I beat the scalpers

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Shining Fates had a very short print run. We have explicitly warned people that Preorder Pass allow the holder to line up and gain access. But it does not guarantee the product.

I think everyone understand that the 5 dollars they spent to pre purchase a pre order spot does not guarantee the product. However what I think everyone is disappointed in is the fact that you guys kept the pre order purchase window way too long for how little of the product you guys actually got. And when we get an email saying that anyone who ordered from 12/7 on for shining fates had a slim chance it makes me think I have a pretty decent chance of at least getting one item, yet in reality the people who got to order their products were from group 1… and the left pikachu v boxes went to group 2. But I purchased my pre order on 12/6 so you can see why I thought I’d get a chance… but I didn’t even get a chance. And now you guys are changing marchs pre orders to 2 groups instead of 4 and making it a first come first serve?! Why can’t you allow acces to the people who got in group 3 and 4 for February’s release that didn’t even get a chance, to be the first group to make a purchase from march’s release of shining fates?? I’ve bought $80 of all different pre purchase tickets, but by the time I find out whether not I’ll be able to get one or not (most likely not) I could have used through another site instead on the day it actually get released instead of a day later. Like I think we would like to know if we are going to be able to get one or not before the actual release date… because that’s defeats the purpose of “pre-orders”. Get ready for refunding 6-8 of my $5 pre order tickets I placed months ago with you guys… smh

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We are adjusting the release system to help everyone to have a chance to get the product. We are more than happy to refund the pass you got if you don’t feel like the system works for you.

How do I cancel and get a refund? Thanks

Yes, please tell us how to get refund on our “preorder passes” never even get an email notice to purchase the items.

you can reach out to to request a refund.

Hello, my wife and I each purchased the PP for the First partner packs that you guys released. We were hoping to get a refund for them due to the difficulty and confusion that is involved. Please let me know how this can be resolved?

Kindest regards,

Scott Conover

hi, we have sent out an email about the cancellation for the first partner packs. We should have gotten everyone’s refund by Thur or Fri of this week.