Shining Fates Pre-order Pass Order Period [All Sold Out]

Update 3:10 PM PST 2/20/21

All the available stock has been depleted. The order period is over. Thanks everyone.
We will continue to work with our suppliers and dealers to get access to stock starting next week. The massive shortage means we will likely have to pay a bit more than wholesale price for restocks. If we were to be able to secure anything, it will be made opened to the public at a market price. We will do our best to secure more stock at the best price possible.

Update 1:30 PM PST 2/20/21

Duplicate orders from the G1 purchases this morning are cleaned out.
Right now we have 30 or so of the Pikachu box left. They are set to open at 3pm for Group 2

Update 11:04 AM PST 2/20/21

We appreciate your business, and we wanted to let you know as soon as we could that we have sold through our stock of Shining Fates. Preorder passes for Shining Fates were redeemed on a first-come-first-served basis within individual groups that were distributed based on purchase order. As Shining Fates was incredibly under-printed by The Pokemon Company, products were sold out very early in the redemption process. We apologize for the disappointment that has been caused.

Unused preorder passes can be used as a gift card for any item in our store, or refunded by contacting our customer support team at If you contact our customer support team for that refund, we do ask for your patience, as we are dealing with an extremly high ticket volume this weekend.

Ordering Period

We have divided the customers that have purchased the pre-order pass for the Pokemon Shining Fates Feb Release into groups. Each customer will receive an email with information on which group they belong to, along with the available time when the product will be open for purchase.

The expected startline for each of the groups:

  1. Group 1 : Saturday 2/20 - 9 AM - 3 PM PST

  2. Group 2 : Saturday 2/20 - 3 PM - 9 PM PST

  3. Group 3 : Sunday 2/21 - 9 AM - 3 PM PST

  4. Group 4 : Sunday 2/21 - 3 PM - 9 PM PST

Ordering process

To place an order, the customers must follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to the customer account that has a completed pre-order pass purchase, at the provided timeline to make the purchase for the product.

  2. Find the Pokemon Shining Fates Feb Release Items at:

  1. Add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout.


  1. The product will be unlocked for the customer’s account tied to the purchase of the pre-order pass.

  2. There will be a limit on how many of each item you can buy.

Make Sure Your Account Has Access

Important: The email on the account must match the one you use to purchase the Preorder Pass

Already Have an Account

if you have an account already, log in and check that your shipping and other account details are up to date.

Don’t Remember Your Account

You should email Support team using the email for which you have used to purchase the Preorder Pass. We will send you an invite to activate the account so it’s tied to the email you used for your Preorder Pass Purchase. Just follow the instruction to activate the account.

  • You’ll get an email to confirm that you’ve created an account.

  • If you didn’t receive an email, check your trash or spam folders.

To sign in to your account

  1. Go to the Gameroom site

  2. Click Log In at the top-right of the screen.

  3. Enter your credentials and click Sign in.

Test Your Access – The testing period has now CLOSED.

You will be able to test your account access between Wednesday night and Friday morning by following the steps:

  1. Log in to your account at the following link -

  2. Click on the, where you should be able to see the test product

  3. If there is an issue, please contact our Support team at

This will be a trial product, not the actual items. You will not be able to add the Shining fates products to your cart prior to the live order period.

We have cleaned up the duplicate orders from this morning. There are some pikachu boxes left for Group 2 3pm PST open.

We are sorry that you missed the chance to place your order today during the Shining Fates Release Event. As we have mentioned in the original listing and also a subsequent FAQ. Preorder Pass is a line up mechanism. It is by no mean a guarantee for products. We have run out of stock in the earlier ordering period since Pokemon Company has not been able to fill our order in full.

Key stats:
Our suppliers combined only filled roughly about 3% of what we ordered.
We have successfully transacted about 200 to 300 customers on day 1.
We have ensured no one was able to buy more than one unit of each product today.

We would like to share some key points and answer some questions:

Why did we assign group even though there might not enough stock?
The group assignment was evenly divided across Saturday and Sunday. We lined all the pass holder up by the pass order date. Then we just placed people into groups according to their order date. We didn’t want to make a call on the exact number of units until all shipments had arrived. No supplier was willing to tell us exactly how much we are getting until this week right before they shipped. We believed the group assignment based on the pass order date represented the first come first serve principle and it was fair to most folks.

Did Group 1 buy up all the product?
They did. We knew there was going to be a shortage. We prepared for it by ordering extra units just in case if Pokemon Company decided to short ship us. We knew the shortage issue was going to be bad. We published numerous updates to remind people that our PP system didn’t represent a lock on stock, it’s a place in line. There was only so much we could do when Pokemon Company decided to under print and fill around 3% of what we have ordered.

Will you get any restock?
We didn’t have any confirmation of restock from our supplier as of now. We will work to bring in stock from other channels such as secondary market and offer them at the best price possible to our customers. When that happens, we will email the existing pass holders about it first, and restrict access to the stock for the existing pass holder for 2 days.

Will pricing the items at MSRP attract more scalpers?
Yes, of course, we are aware of that.
We do want to put a little faith in the goods of the collector community. We want to service the collector community and we feel that setting the price at MSRP as much as we can helps the game and people who are truly passionate about it.

Can i get a refund on the Preorder Pass?
The Preorder Pass is a $5 gift card for the store. If you had not use it, we are more than happy to refund it for it.

Notable Feedback
Stock approximation - we will publish a status rating for each group by Thursday in the next Preorder Pass event so everyone can plan their day a bit better.