Strategy Games to look for: 5 card games for tactical players

Are you mana fatigued? Maybe you are tired of figuring out which equipment to place on your samurai. Does shuffling and shuffling the deck now seem more like a chore than an event. Maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons. There are so many card games that might tickle your fancy that sticking to just the one might be a recipe for crashing into the disinterested wall. It might be a player finds only certain games appealing; no problem, in this case, the tactical player has several options. Here are five you should look out for, so you have more choices.

Exploding Kitties

If you’re looking for a fun tactical game that not only has the fun friendship wrecking qualities of Uno but also needs certain levels of thought and planning, look no further. Exploding kitties is a fun, quick romp into hilarity in card game form. The art on the cards is not for kids, and that’s part of the fun. The flavor texts on each of the cards go far beyond blue-collar comedy and compliments the art. Those who find cat butts unappealing should avoid this game. That stated, the game is fast, fun, and furious. You will have to draw a card on your turn, and you can either get a card to target another player, skip, reverse, and other fun options. Just keep your fingers crossed you don’t draw an exploding kitty to stay in the game.

Good luck! Have Fun… Curse of the Cat Butt on YOU!

Deadwood 1876

“Well, partner… I see you decided to mosey on into this here saloon all fire and brimstone … You think em six-shooters will keep you safe here? Tell you what, hombre, if you wait patiently over yonder while I finish this here whiskey, you can enjoy breathing just a little more.” The card game Deadwood set in the wild west frontier town of the same name, will see you team up with fellow players as you take on the gold rush in a lawless city. The sharpest wits, the fastest draw, and the one with the loot will end up winning this here game! This fun western romp combines card draws and dice rolls; it is fast fun for up to 9 players, and the game is relatively short at 20 to 40 minutes. The game also prominently features western figures like Wild Bill Hickok and other famous figures of the time. So, call shotgun, load up, get em little doggies along, and ride into town to stake your claim!


It might be that you are done with vast possible mathematical equations provided by +1 counters on cards. Now the players are more in the mood for more straightforward fun. Arboretum delivers just that. A simple relaxing game where the goal is the make the most beautiful garden. Each tree has a value, and depending on how you set up your forest by the end, you will add up the total value of a created path, and whoever scored the most wins. The tactile value of the game is on how you discard cards since other players will use those cards for their own garden paths. So think carefully as to what trees the other players are collecting.

The Fox in the Forest

This two-player romp through the forest is a fun, quick way to start an evening. Let’s face it, no matter how well planned a game night is, there is always that one player that is just going to be late. So don’t stress. Take this foxy game out of the box. Firstly, the artwork is fantastic with elegant images of the titular character and others; the card game is beautiful. Secondly, the simple draw mechanic and the warlike gameplay make it a cinch to pick up.

In contrast, the tactical gameplay comes from not overreaching and trying to win every single hand. There is a greed mechanic that punishes the overly ambitious player. So, take the time to think things through as you engage in this fun encounter.


This deck-building game designed by Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Champs Justin Gary, Brian Kibler, and Rob Dougherty bring yet another tactical game option for players looking for another Magic The Gathering like deck-building experience. The games usually last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes and can accommodate up to 6 six players once enough cards have been collected. The players use their Runes to obtain more vital cards for their decks. The simple mechanic lets the player experience dynamic gameplay where each participant has to adapt their tactics as the situation demands. The end game here is to earn the most Honor Points by defeating monsters and acquiring cards.