Tokyo's looking Great... Shame You're going to Smash it

Now that the movie finally settled, the debate between who is stronger? Gojira or King Kong? The argument has finally been put to bed. Well, at least till the next one comes out. That does not mean the great city collapsing action has to stop. Fans of the gigantic monsters toppling and collapsing buildings causing billions in damage, readily reminding humanity that they are not the apex predator. There are creatures out there that humankind is also an ant when it comes to forces of nature. Here is a list of games that allow you to take colossal monsters’ roles so you can get your Kaiju on in your living room.

King of Tokyo

Whenever someone takes this box out of their closet, earthquakes around Japan suddenly increase. It’s as if the land knows that soon it will be the setting for an all-out brawl between archetypical Kaiji. There’s the gigantic radioactive dinosaur, the heroic spaceman, the gigantic primate, all ready to do battle with one another to show true dominance and determine once and for all who truly rules the land. The gameplay is dice-based, as you roll, achieving points and dice geared towards gaining points towards your victory. A fast-paced, fun game that is a must-have for all Kaiju fans.

Players: 2 – 6

Playtime: 30 min

Monopoly Godzilla

While this game might lack the city smashing aspect of the Godzilla universal fun, here, the player will take on the classic game of Monopoly with a dash of Kaiju-loving flavor. Classic properties have been exchanged and now feature images and names linked to the Gojira himself. Please pick up your favorite mini and stomp your way across the board as Mothra, Ghidorah, Gigan, and the king of all monsters himself, Godzilla. So go ahead, strut your stuff all over the baltic avenue and purchase those destroyed bullet train rails. Monopoly just got a whole lot more fun.

Players 2 – 6

Playtime 60 Minutes

Pacific Rim: Extinction

To save or to destroy? The game sees you take the role of either a heroic pilot controlling a Jaeger or a titanic Kaiju from an outer dimension hell-bent on destruction. This awesomely detailed game features large minis, each with its own set of skills and powers. As you face-off, the goal of the game is different depending on who you are playing as. This scenario-driven game assigns an objective for the Kaiji at the start of the game; all you need to do to win is complete the objective. The Kaiju player might even be inclined to try to fight Gipsy Danger, but it does not mean he will meet the requirement to win. At the same time, the Jaegers objective is to complete the PPDC task to protect humanity. You will be defending cities as the Kaiju try to trample them; you will be busy playing defense.

Players 2 – 6

Playtime: 30 – 90 min

Smash Up: Big in Japan

Yes, this game features sentai warriors, kaiju, pocket monsters like creatures, and power princesses. If you have any love for any Japanese tv show archetypes, they are here, and they are ready for action. While the art style is a far cry from gritter interpretations of the genre, our factions here are heavily kawaii-inspired. So, as you throw up creatures against the creature in this fast-paced smash-up card game, allow for the use of skills and power. The game even features small robots coming together to form a giant robot!

Players: 2 players

Playtime: 30 – 45 min

So, as you stand in the barren wasteland that was once a proud human city, also known as an infestation to the Kaiju that walk the earth, bask, and enjoy your work, you did suitable grinding down those buildings into dust. You are the apex predator; you are the ultimate form that dominates the planet earth. You know, your friends know it and the pile of bodies of your fellow Kaiju realizes it as well. Take the time and play together, be it with friends or family.