Weekly Order Update 3/29-4/5

Preorder Pass

Digimon TCG Set 2 Great Legend

Status: Closed
Release Date: May 2021
Order Period: Pending

**Supplier has shortage for Set 1. The Set 2 order is placed, supplying confirmed.


Ex Libris

  • Currently pulled from all of our distributors.
  • It is currently considered out of print, unsure of any reprint ETAs.


  • Just received a new distributor
  • Supply should be more consistent, currently on preorder with the new distributor

Here to Slay

Status: Closed
Release Date: Dec 2020

New Date: April 2021

  • Shipment has been confirmed with our main supplier.

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Board Game

Status: Closed

New Date: Pending Update

  • Shipment is stuck in China due to global shipping lane interruption

Under Falling Skies

Status: Open
Release Date: Dec 2020

New Date: Release on Receipt (When units come in, we’ll ship out immediately)

  • We got some initial units from our supplier, and those have been shipped out
  • There is no confirmed ETA for our main shipment yet
  • Under Falling Skies SHOULD start seeing some more stock incoming at least according to direct update from Czech Games

The Search for Planet X

Status: Open
Release Date: Feb 2021

New Date: Release on Receipt (When units come in, we’ll ship out immediately)

  • Renegade Game Studios is projecting a Feb 2021 reprint for this game.
  • Starting to see shipments incoming. It’s staggered and in small quantities, but shipments are incoming for this game.

Arkham Horror LCG Expansion Packs

Status: Open

  • Arkham Horror Investigator packs have finally been reprinted.
  • Still waiting on several different expansion packs. Those will be reprinted soon.

Lost Ruins of Arnak Board Game

New Date: Release on Receipt (When units come in, we’ll ship out immediately)

  • Small batch confirmed from our suppliers.


  • The new print run is in progress, delayed due to Lunar New Year. The projected restock ETA is Late March/Early April. We will not have consistent stock until then. We will have some small shipments here and there, but the majority will not arrive till after LNY.


  • Projected release is Q2 2021 according to PHD. Official site only states 2021 release.

A War of Whispers

  • Delayed due to OOS at manufacturer.
  • Order placed with two separate suppliers to cover current orders.
  • No ETA at the moment unfortunately


  • Descent is currently preparing for a new release, all OOS expansions and add ones have been delayed until after the new release.

Shining Fates

  • Shining Fates products are still trickling in. A small batch of Mad Party Pin Collection and ETBs have been shipped from our suppliers.

X-Wing Miniatures

  • For players and collectors for the 1st edition of X-Wing, please note that this version is no longer being actively supported by Fantasy Flight Games. We will continue to try and source the figures, but some are out of print and will only have the 2nd edition versions available.
  • If you’d like to update to the 2nd edition, conversion kits are available. These will allow you to use the same model, with the updated ruleset.

Dark Souls: Character Expansion Board Game

  • No confirmed expected ETA, the item is not available for purchase at the moment

Aliens Board Game: Ultimate Badasses Expansion - Board Game (Pre-order) Apr 2021

  • We started receiving the stocks in small batches, the rest is expected to arrive from our suppliers


Things we have received and shipped

  • Pokemon Battle Styles is continuing to ship out.
  • D&D Minis are being shipped out.

Any word on New York Zoo